Worship Circle

November 18, 2016


Once a month, probably the last weekend of each month, it is my intention to schedule a time for folks to meet at the Studio for worship of the Living God Who is the Answer to our prayers and troubles.

 Trouble & Prayer Pots

In the Studio you will find two clay pots on the counter.

One is open, it is the Prayer Pot,

The other is covered, it is the Trouble Pot.

If the Studio door is unlocked come in and write your prayer or trouble down and leave it in the appropriate clay pot.  If the Studio is locked you can leave your written prayer or trouble by dropping it thru the mail slot.  You can also mail your prayer or trouble directly to the Studio at:                                                  

The Studio 

#3 West Central Park Plaza

Jacksonville, IL  62650


For now please don't text or email your prayers or troubles to the Studio.  At this point details are few because this is all I know.